Yamlak Fikadu

Crochet Artist


Hi, I'm Yamlak. I'm a crochet expert. I learned how to crochet when I was in the 10th grade. I started by making scarves, and then I moved on to sweaters. But my first sweater fell apart around the arm! I didn't give up though. I used that as an opportunity to learn from my mistake and create a new design.

I got my bachelor's degree in marketing from St. Mary's University, but I never stopped crocheting. I even took orders for crocheted items from people I met through work.

One day, I was invited to participate in a bazaar organized by Hyatt Regency. I sold a variety of crocheted items at the bazaar, including women's and men's sweaters, dolls, bags, hats, scarves, and jewelry.

My work continued to gain popularity, and I eventually started earning a living by accepting orders for crocheted items. I also participated in Zoma Bazaar, where I was able to sell even more of my work.

Now, I run a training institute called Yam Crochet. I'm passionate about teaching others the art of crocheting, and I love seeing people enjoy the clothes I make.

Women are the real architects of societyCherrie Blair



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Yamlak Fikadu
Women are the real architects of societyCherrie Blair